0.0.4 is worlds better than previous versions. I would consider it production level, if it weren't just the fourth release. This version features a runtime configuration file (finally), whitelist and blacklist support, and many more improvements.

This release has already been through a few months of testing, and shows to be stable. In addition, no memory leaks have been detected.

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Release date: Saturday, August 28th 2004
Release focus: Major feature enhancements
  • rblsd now obtains its settings from a configuration file, loaded at runtime.
  • rblsd can observe black and white lists found in SpamAssassin configuration files.
  • Rewrote spamc2 from spamc, so that it does not need to call an external executable.
  • Major rewrites and optimizations made in several areas.
  • Improved cache performance.
  • Cleaned up message output format.
  • Enabled listening on specific interfaces and on multiple ports.
  • Added client access rules.
  • Rewrote the documentation.
  • Added support for newer versions of libresolv (BIND-9).