0.0.3 has proven to be extremely reliable, and should be considered to be in the beta phase. This release featured improved spamd compliance, more informative output messages, and the ability to periodically restart itself.

Download:  tgz
Release date: Sunday, February 22nd 2004
Release focus: Feature improvements
  • Changed the what the initials stand for: Realtime Blocking List Spam Daemon -- RBL Spam Daemon.
  • Made the X-Spam-Status header more informative.
  • Made the daemon comply with the spamc/spamd specification.
  • Fixed (broke) spamc2's handling of large messages.
  • Patched a minor memory leak.
  • Added the ability to alter the body of the message.
  • Added the ability to restart the daemon while it is running.
  • Added the ability to change the character that appears in the X-Spam-Level header.
  • Made cache entries expire after a configurable duration.