0.0.4	-	Released Saturday, August 28th 2004

* Countless internal changes, clean-ups, and minor bugfixes made.
* Fixed support for new resolver libraries (BIND-9).
* spamc2 rebuilt from the ground up (built from SpamAssassin's spamc).
* Cleaned up the appearance of the filtered messages.
* Improved hash table performance (faster responses).
* Documentation rewritten.
+ Configuration file added (see rblsd.conf).
+ Custom rules based on header IP addresses added.
+ Support for blacklists and whitelists via SpamAssassin configuration file
+ Network access rules added.

0.0.3	-	Released Sunday, February 22nd 2004

* The initials now make more sense and stand for:
  (R)ealtime (B)locking (L)ist (S)pam (D)aemon
* The X-Spam-Status header is now much more informative (ie, it now contains
  the list of IP addresses that triggered rbl hits).
* The daemon now adheres much better to the spamc/spamd standard, and should
  act nearly identical to SpamAssassin's spamd.
* Fixed spamc2's handling of large messages (it modifies the -s flag sent to
  spamc depending on the message size).
* Beautified the output of inaddr.
* Patched a minor memory leak (the only one found after thorough analysis).
+ You can configure the daemon to insert the 'SPAM:' headers in messages
  that appear to be spam, to inform the user (with MODIFY_THRESHOLD).
+ The daemon is now restartable, and can be set to restart automatically at
  a given interval to keep it running smoothly.  (Also restartable via
+ You can change the character/string that is used in the X-Spam-Level
  header.  The default is now '#' instead of '*', which should prevent
  confusion for those who use this particular header in their local
  mailfilters (so it won't conflict with SpamAssassin).
+ Hashtable entries (cached entries) can be set to expire after a certain
  amount of time.

0.0.2	-	Released Monday, January 12th 2004

* Major stability bugfix.  Resizing the hashtable left a dangling reference. 
  As a result, 0.0.1 was highly unstable.
* Fixed message truncation bug that was possible in spamc2.  This fix
  insures that spamc2 will never truncate messages, and will even prevent
  spamc from truncating them.
+ Added the ability to omit the last X ip addresses from checks, to prevent
  false positives.  (The OMIT_LAST and CHECK_AT_LEAST options)
+ Added the ability to run the daemon in the foreground (mostly for
  debugging purposes).

0.0.1	-	Released Friday, January 9th 2004

Introducing, the Realtime Blackhole List Scanning Daemon.

RBL Spam Daemon                                  http://rblsd.sourceforge.net/
Copyright 2003-2004, John Jordan                 jjjordan@XXX.sourceforge.net
                                                 (XXX = users)