Currently, all of the documentation available for rblsd is distributed with the package. This page only contains online copies it. While there is currently no comprehensive manual (README is close), everything I can think of is covered somewhere in the documentation. If you have any questions about anything found in the documentation, or if you just need help in general, then direct your questions to the appropriate mailing list.

Online Documentation
The core set of documentation for rblsd. Currently, this is identical to what is found in the package.

  • README - The main documentation.
  • INSTALL - Describes the procedure to install rblsd.
  • rblsd.conf - The configuration file. Contains a short description of each parameter.
  • CHANGELOG - The history of releases, and the changes that were made in each one.
  • COPYING - The GNU General Public License. This is the license under which rblsd is distributed.

Mailing Lists
Mailing lists available to rblsd users.

  • rblsd-troubleshoot (archive) - Interactive forum intended to help new users get started with rblsd, and to help anyone with any (rblsd-related) problems they may be having.
  • rblsd-discuss (archive) - Interactive forum intended for general questions and discussion.
  • rblsd-announce (archive) - Release/major announcements made by the author.