rblsd: keep it simple.
rblsd is a small, fast, SpamAssassin-compatible spam filter. It filters mail by performing a series of RBL lookups on each message. This results in fast, accurate, low-load spam filtration. This can be used as a standalone, drop-in replacement for SpamAssassin, or as an additional filter to increase mail throughput. For more information, see the introduction page.
Progress Report
Posted by John Jordan (call me JJ) on 30 September 2004

As for the folks here in collegeland, we're getting to that point in the semester when we discover it's the fifth week already, and midterms are coming up, and all of a sudden, we've got tests. I have nearly completed a major improvement to the internal loop (the backbone of the server), but don't use it right now, because clients won't time out (you should note that the development version in cvs is rarely usable for real mail, and sometimes it won't even run normally). Here are features that I'm planning for the fifth release:

  • Compatibility with firedns To me, rblsd and firedns seem meant for each other. This is optional, of course, just be sure your OS has copy-on-write :-).
  • Multiple-user configurations, with flexible passwd files.
  • A "lite" version, that processes a single piece of mail from input. rblsd was designed for a high volume of mail, and is indeed optimized for this, but I could create a light-weight mail filter that uses the rich ruleset of rblsd for a less hardcore user.
  • The ability to record marked spam (in its unprocessed form) for any reason you may need a collection of spam mails (to train a smart filter perhaps? Vipul's Razor?)
  • Of course, a few new knobs to turn, in order to best reduce spam, based on your particular mail flow patterns.
  • And of course, performance improvements.

Hopefully this will get done by November. It is possible I may have to put this off till winter break, in which case, late December, at the latest. I'll try to give occasional progress reports, so check the site back if you're interested. Meanwhile, I'm going to drift back into college life and prioritize my obligations there. Have fun out there in the real world!

New version!
Posted by John Jordan (call me JJ) on 28 August 2004
I'm going to begin by apologizing to everyone for the delay in getting this version released. The code was ready sometime in June but there were many delays in getting the documentation and the website ready for the world to see. In addition, summer research and small jobs have dominated my time for the last three months, so I haven't had much time for the release prepwork. At any rate, it's here now and ready for consumption by the public:

Download it from the rblsd version 0.0.4 release page.
New website!
Posted by John Jordan (call me JJ) on 28 August 2004
Many thanks to Robert Liao (see the link at the bottom of this page for his contact) for providing rblsd with a real webpage. We can finally say goodbye to that old, funky, thrown-together-in-ten-minutes webpage that used to be rblsd's window to the world.
So when are you going to make another release?
Posted by John Jordan (call me JJ) on 18 April 2004
If you've been following rblsd, you may have noticed that I haven't made a release in a while. This is because it's nearing the end of the semester here at Berkeley, which means everyone is studying 24/7. When I can afford to do so (and even when I can't), I've spent a few hours here and there working on the next release, which will have major feature enhancements, including a configuration file (finally), black/whitelist support, and significant code cleanups. Unfortunately, finals aren't over until late May, so it will not be until after then (I'm guessing early to mid June), that another release of rblsd will appear. Sorry for the delay, but I think everyone will be very happy with the eventual results.